The end of wild indiscriminate dating, hello a whole new life

It’s been just over eight weeks since we first met but we’re already incredibly and overwhelmingly in love with each other.  Neither of us can quite believe our sheer fortune at sharing the same intensity of emotion.

We are so mad about each other that anyone else eavesdropping on our WhatsApp conversations would be treated to a sugar overload.  He tells me I am lovely, amazing and beautiful.  In unoriginal fashion I tell him that he too is lovely, amazing and wonderful, in all his six foot five gorgeousness.  We make an incongruous pair – he is long-limbed and fair with dreamy, grey eyes whereas I am a short (five foot), dark Asian woman. On escalators, he is still taller than me despite my being  a step up.  In bed, the height difference is inconsequential.  When we’re not together there is not a single moment we’re not thinking of the other.  I wonder how long this phase will last.  I told him that I love everything about him.  I am truly smitten.

We have both stopped seeing anyone else and so perhaps it’s time I took a break from this dating blog and consider a life of joyful monogamy.