A waiting game! half a world away

I felt the impact of the text you sent
Three words, short and terse –
quite good thanks
In response to my coda –
and how are things your end?

No cheery bit of news
For me to read on waking
I don’t know how you feel
Can only guess at your indifference
Half a world away in this tropical heat.
When first you wrote and I replied
Our meandering mosaic of messages
Had a sweetness which delighted

A light flirtation
Back and forth,
A tentative tattoo
that made me wonder
If you wanted more
than what we had

That music trailed away
to an exchange of quotidian banality
I never thought I might miss even that
Its faint echo in the silence
that is my chamber of anxiety
Mocking hope, locking it away.
In searing, sealing heat I’m left without doubt

Time stands still for you are there, unknown
unvoiced, and I am here, alone.