Do I or don’t I?

I came across the blog entry by Leslie Love titled I’ll tell you policy,  (excellent entry by the way which echoes how I try to lead my poly lifestyle – by being upfront and honest with my significant others) and it set me thinking about whether I need to tell any of my current lovers that I’m dating anew again.  I’m thinking specifically about one of them who believes that he is my main amour, as it were – i.e. Goran.  Although he must be aware that he is less of the golden boy at the moment because of what happened just before the end of last year.  The fact that he knows I am poly by nature I hope would mean that it is a given that I am open to new relationships and don’t need to constantly update my current lovers as to who I’m seeing.

In any event, the how and when to bring something like this up has always been tricky.  Very often I tend to blurt things out and then run away.  Sometimes, I find it a lot easier to disappear for a bit altogether.