call me old-fashioned

He might as well have said that as he and Amy ended their occasional messaging in the morning.  JR was wont to send her the odd salutation of a busy day.  It started early with Good morning Amy xx  How are you today?

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It led her to muse on the type of men that JR represents, who still hold on firmly to that old fashioned notion that it falls onto the man to be in charge, hold the door, pull out the chair, stand up when a woman enters the room, pay for the meal, drinks, etc…  A notion that harks back to the last century as women have never looked back since attaining suffrage.

Earlier on in their dating experience Amy had rather forced him to admit that he did not wish to deny a woman anything and so rather shamed him into acknowledging that he wasn’t against feminism.  Which is not the same as wholeheartedly embracing the ideology.  Suffice to say JR is not what a feminist looks like.

Amy can definitely do a lot better as she prepared to go out dancing in Peckham with the rest of Swing Out London that evening.