Past Poetry


A sensual memory of you. 15 November 2015

Bestirred I lie, wrapped in the bedlinen
the night before it’d had a crisp fragrance
until we lay on it and in between;
I revel in the crumpled redolence –
a memory of our urgent embrace
transforms my chaste plans to read and then sleep.
Distracted by your lingering musky trace
I slip, dream-filled into moist fleshfolds deep.
Following a piquant bouquet erotic
invoking swells and ebbing, rhythmic
The images of our evening’s frolic
in sharp relief against my mind’s optic
I awake aroused from the aroma
recalling your sensual persona.

Source of inspiration: Goran


Ooh La, the Comely Cutie. 1 October 2015

Elegantly tall at the bar, stands the Texan
looking suave and cleanly shaven
dapper too in khaki troos
over brown suede shoes.
His patterned jacket sits neatly
on shoulders spread broadly.
He takes in my own modest ensemble
a skirt-shirt-jacket and scarf combo.
It’ll do and he smiles his greeting
his tiger’s eyes, golden, glinting.
We pleasantly pass the time,
showing off to one another, ’til with wine
I am warmed, light-headed and dizzy from words and kisses sweet
so he calls us an uber and pulls me into the backseat.

Source of inspiration: JR

I love you.  13 September 2015

I love you – those words escaped yesterday
Once liberated I say them again
in loving you  I hope I am selfless
returning you intact before midday
without delay nor excuse entertain
Desiring only your happiness.
And already I’ve sped up the process
that always leads to the end and to pain –
there is no echo; for what can you say
we knew what this can only ever be.
Suffering all the anguish of Psyche
While Eros wanders on a different plane
having set his arrows to wreak mischief.
Tempting though to play the game of what if
I would my compass and composure feign.

Source of inspiration: Goran

Endgame. 7 September 2015

The endgame to the merry, rosy romps
I might play over and over again
Is nothing but heartache led loneliness.
As I find solace in the reminder
Of one I left behind in our blue house
Or had it been the other way around?
So far apart now in distance and time
The chasm widens with each step I take.
The unmended heart smiles at its lovers
Basking in their torrid tendernesses
Alert to the day when they too shall leave
Finding her core devoid of true substance
Then I look to that familiar ache and
snatch comfort from a blanket of sorrows

Source of inspiration: Michael

Distances of time and geography. 4 September 2015

Thousands of miles apart but there you are
Like a cliché when I close my eyes
And in the daytime not lost since
Captured on my phone camera I have you
and you

My two lovers on the other side of the world
Anytime I wonder about what we are
Round and round the questions and hesitation mingle
The silences and tardy responses I excuse
With the time difference between us.

We each go about our daily lives
Mine aglow at the thought of you
And you

My unjealous friends who send me
news and kisses, glimpses of a cooler clime
At random times of the day.

Sources of inspiration: Jan and Goran

All the Secrets There. 1 August 2015

A grey and lazy day – a kind of blue
descends on me – listening to Goldfrapp
Some of the music reminds me of you
It’s summer but cold and I take my wrap
do you remember it on our first date?
and on other mild evening jaunts for drinks
sometimes a film night out or in, up late
merry and wild, getting up to high jinks.
I’d had fun but often felt wrong footed
and don’t miss those embarrassing moments
of thinking this heart was what you wanted
Since then the path has altered in essence
a labyrinth now hides the secret garden
a stronger keep guards the darkened eden.

Source of inspiration: Ramon

Just like that – an indecent proposal.  31 July 2015

Why hello, something a little cheeky –
he might be out of reach for the summer
but he’d very much still like to see me
some time in autumn, perhaps October.
But of course, I reply, since the new term
seems quite a long way away and who knew
what or who might happen in the meantime.
And just like that he’s got back in the queue
of suitable suitors of my choosing –
the kind of beau who’d let me name my date
satisfied that they will not be waiting
for too long before I their passions sate
As we consenting adults make merry
with one another without jealousy.

Source of inspiration: Lars

Fooled around and Fell in love

We began tentatively and no more
Then with each touch, each kiss you came closer
Until the day I looked and there you were.
How did you get so deep within my core?
A text message each day to remind me
of you there – you ask after my routine,
tell me yours, sometimes when you might have seen
a woman like me in your fantasy.

Are you just as smitten and was it you
who started this dance to draw me into
the honeyed bonds of polyamory?
Then yes I surrender quite willingly –
your tender embrace sufficient savour
my jouissance, would your presence endue.

Source of inspiration: Goran

Ode (or a dirge) to my lover. 20 July 2015

Don’t fall in love with me therein lies strife
just tarry awhile for some merriment
to take the edge off a creeping midlife
that seeks to undo without sentiment.
Were I to lose my heart o’er you don’t fret
I’ll never ask for yours at any rate
My fickle part will love and then beget
a bark to lie low in ‘til storms abate.

You’ve worked so hard to prove dependable
to the precious few who remain trusting.
Don’t give it all up for a fantasy
you know has not reliability
But stay on course remain unwavering
Your reward is in their love eternal.

Source of inspiration: Goran and Michael

On being a Mistress. 16 July 2015

What am I to him but a mere mistress
part-time lover and he, a married man
in an open marriage, though ne’er remiss
from the first few moments when we began
while I was with many, soon few were left
as boldly my heart was heard to confess
its wanton greed upon this knotted weft,
he has always stayed constant nonetheless
sending me sweet messages aplenty
morning noon and night so I should believe
I was cherished and not one of many –
only me, and a wife he’ll never leave.
Missing him between trysts – each time we thrill
t’ other’s touch, as we kiss and feast our fill.

Source of inspiration: Goran

A Birthday Sonnet. 5 July 2015

In conjugal polyamory dwells the birthday boy
known for his consummately voracious sexual ardour 
amongst women who bear witness – those lovers who enjoy
the thrill of being ravished by their hirsute paramour –
Trimming the excess as I hankered after excellence.
whilst my body grew selective and eschewed the mundane,
wearied of the myriad, longing instead for a dalliance
with the learnèd Xerxes who’s both passionate and urbane.

This coffee quaffing beau has charm … though more importantly
knows what to say and when to stop; when begin his progress
softly bed-ward, to end an evening tantalisingly
with carnal promise – the hours to come stretching limitless
as his skin, breath, lips, digits, tongue, and crafted curvature
are employed solely for exquisite, indulgent pleasure.

Source of inspiration: Goran
the dance of back and forth. 30 April 2015

I rush headlong and get all tangled up
my heart goes crashing down, I gasp for air
Stifling sobs, tears fall free behind my face
I swallow them back but a few escape
Wet on lashes, hot, against my fingers
raised to quickly brush them away – I breathe
cautiously in case breath catches midway.
I’ve turned my body away from your gaze
you continue stroking my side then back
Soothing kisses on the back of my neck.
I dance to that familiar tune of old
Of back and forth, hello, goodbye my friend
My lover – mine to hold but not to keep
I dart this way and that, take me, let go.
We while away the time as though we had
Aeons and ages, through eternity.

Source of inspiration: Max

Lilith’s Sultry Song. 14 November 2014

Inspired by the painting, The Three Lovers by Theodore Gericault

i had him before you and i know him well

he’ll soon tire of you and where will you go?
come to bed with us, and i’ll keep you safe
lovers us three, you, with soft milkiness
drink the honey that pours ‘tween olive lips
of darken’d warm desiring – like heaven
on this earthly bed we can re-create
pools of liquid rapture, embalming love

Source of inspiration: Michael

It’s Cold Down Below, won’t you warm me tonight? 28 October 2014

sadness is a sentiment i embrace


though first it hits deep within

leaves an unfamiliar flavour on my tongue

i catch my breath, try to breathe


giving way, giving in.

when there’s no reassurance

tears will flow

my accusers ring out their cries

worthless, selfish, thoughtless,

utter failure.

i cannot escape

swallow it all,

no fight left

i surrender


time passes and sadness

now my constant companion

i turn to this one and that

still lost, blindly

casting about

no way out.

Source of inspiration: Ramon

life of a busy english teacher, beekeeper and single mum – things to do this weekend.  18 October 2014

roast veg from allotment

roast meat for t and me

prep thymol treatment

for healthier bees

clean house, walk the dog

tackle ironing – horrid slog

for my dinner date, i might titivate

try on frocks, bemoan: i’m overweight!

all too soon Monday looms

time to write those lesson plans

unfinished? never mind,

they always change mid pause

for life and learning

is one joyous mess – don’t tell the DoS!

Source of inspiration: Michael


Woman in Love. 8 October 2014

there was a time when i was not in love –

thrilled in equal measure with every man

delighted in delectable moments.

there’s the possibility of kisses –

the anticipation in taxicabs

in corridors of underground stations

at street corners and pavements ere parting

in dark passages off the beaten track

in the last row of movie theatres

along the Thames or in a forest glade.

since this lover though, i haven’t looked back

His are the kisses i ache for, i count

the spans of time until we meet again.

Source of inspiration: Ramon


Truly, Madly, Sprung 29 September 2014

heart singing, eyes shining

beaming a cheshire cat grin

dancing round the room

giddy in my delight.

this is me tonight, toes tapping

after you bade me have sweet dreams.

my thoughts are filled with your loveliness

all soppy for your touch and caresses

i remember how

you’d raise up an arm and pat your side

enjoining me to lie against you,

you’d wrap that arm around me

as i soak up the manly scent of you.

and when we’re apart i call up this scene

until then, sweet dreams …

Source of inspiration: Ramon


This Foolish Old Heart that Breaks Again and Again.  30 August 2014

One by one, my friends all counsel me

Why do you give him the time of day?

I don’t really – I protest weakly.

does my heart, my thoughts, my face betray?

We see you waiting, hoping he’ll ring

you sit with us but your mind’s astray

ears strained for that SMS ping!

a text from him to take you away.

you wait and wait forever it seems

though you come out for tea and dances

you have that look of passion’s sweet dreams

of love and fairy tale romances …

But no message, no call, nothing from my lover

and soon I come to my senses – it’s all over.

Source of inspiration: Jan


Walking Away, Looking Back. June 2014

you asked me just the other day

were you a different person then?


all that time we were together

me living under your shadow

i’d put you on that plinth

so of course

you fell.


in the end ’twas an easy choice

when all we had left

was bitterness


i went

now i see at last

I’m not that girl any longer

ten years have since passed

today i’m a little stronger.


Source of inspiration: Michael

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