assuaging curiosity

There’s nothing like fellow bloggers asking nicely how things are after a short hiatus to bring one back to blogging and I return briefly to report that Amy and Alexander are the happiest of stoats in their garden oasis.   Some of the firsts Ellenbest was curious about have already happened and been chronicled here without much fanfare as I hadn’t been conscious of their significance, for example, our first date had occurred not long after our messaging howd’yedos.   I hadn’t accorded it much importance because then we had yet to know how strongly our affections for each other would develop.  A mere drink at a pub in town had gone on to become dinner at a Chinese followed by more drinks at another pub that same evening until the witching hour arrived and we still wanted more of each other.  Feeling quite bold after so many drinks and having shared fairly intimate details of ourselves with each other as people like us tend to do, I invited him back to mine and he accepted with pleasing alacrity.

After that we spent all the free evenings we had with each other, discovering much commonality and enjoying the new each introduced to the other.  He met my family first and eventually I his.

There was the weekend when his mother visited and I was treated to lunch and a walk around the area she’d lived when Alexander was a wee thing.  It was lovely to observe the warm and easy relationship mother and son shared.  She seemed really happy for her son to have me in his life and being single herself too, we exchanged notes on dating.

There was another weekend when it was his turn to have his young children and the meeting with them too had been equally pleasant.

Until now we have yet to experience any tension in the relationship. One day in the future we might live nearer each other or even possibly together, but that is still a long way away.