Goran says goodbye

Having been distracted royally by crushes, I had left Goran far far behind.  When he got in touch once in a blue moon this year I was happy enough to see him.  We got on well, but his domestic and dating life were just as fraught as when I first knew him.  More recently he had been dating a buxom young thing, so young in fact that she was in the high risk category for a particular STD – chlamydia – rife amongst the under 25s apparently.  So of course he too succumbed but was sufficiently gentlemanly to alert me to his woeful state of health.  Fortunately we had been cautious in our few intimate encounters this year that my foray back to a sexual health clinic brought forth happy negative news.

We continued our occasional chats over the virtual ether, met once for dinner and then he said that the recent STD scare was enough for him to decide on giving up the polyamorous lifestyle.  I wished him and his missus bonne chance and realised that that may have been the last time I heard from him.