Three little words


Yesterday afternoon we met for a picnic on Primrose Hill before going to a one woman comedy gig – Spectacles with Sue Perkins.  Julius had seen her on QI, I’d heard her on Radio 4 and seen her on TV presenting some show or other in the past and lately she has become the darling of a younger audience due to the Great British Bake Off.  It was fun, light with glimpses of a happy past/childhood and Sue could be side-splitting.  There were free drinks and crisps and nuts and I had some red wine which emboldened me to heckle her from the front row!

Later that evening we came back to mine and between a gentle embrace and intimate, soft kisses, he told me he loved me.  I cannot quite believe that I have become the sort of woman who can excite such a well of feeling and deep tenderness from a man.   He said that what he feels is not mere lust – we’d both experienced that at the beginning and now, with the increased frequency of our dates – one every other day, our mutual attraction has developed into something of greater substance than pure sexual titillation.

Earlier that afternoon, we had talked with simple honesty about our past and current lovers.   He wanted to know if I felt jealous that he might meet anyone new and I took the opportunity to assure him that I didn’t and that I too was in a dalliance with Tomas for example and would probably resume sleeping with Goran again in the future when his marital storm abated.   We both agreed that neither of us subscribed to the notion of ownership of each other.  Although Julius might’ve referred to me as “his girlfriend” to some of his friends, he had merely done so as not to have to go into any great detail the concept of ethical non-monogamy to people whom he knew were more comfortable in orthodox relationships.

This morning my lover continued to marvel at how I had turned his daily routine on its head – with morning intercourse – both social and sexual – before coffee – quite unheard of in all his many years, followed by walks with dog and his getting home before midday.  Having kissed our goodbyes I went to work glowing with warm remembrance of my lover’s considered declaration.  He loves me!

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