Breath-holding over

I’m dating someone older than Cosmo!  This morning he told me in bed that he could see himself falling in love with me.  My toes curl with pleasure.  I’m sure I wore a silly smile all day after that.  This is the self-same Julius who had said just last week that I shouldn’t hold my breath if I was waiting for him to whisper those three little words.  He didn’t say them exactly but he had held me tightly and said that he was very, very fond of me.

There’s no denying it – we have fallen all over ourselves in love.  It’s quite a bizarre thing – to be non-monogamous and in love.  He has a date with another lover this weekend and I won’t see him again until next Tuesday when we are to meet at a venue where some of his old friends will also be present.  I’m aware that this is taking our very new relationship to the next step in as few as 5 dates!  And I still feel pretty much over the moon that he has given away how he feels about me.   In a fit of infatuation I called him my darling, and invited him to go on holiday with me … and meet my sister!  He said yes but would have to check his diary.  I suspect that he probably has pre-arranged appointments over that period.

My friend Jan told me that it was best not to over-analyse.

In any event, my dating app is still full of overtures and invites from rather nice looking men.   I chat to a couple of them and arrange to meet with one this coming Monday afternoon.  Meanwhile Goran tells me that his wife is still playing open and close over their marriage and it makes it difficult for him to commit to seeing me with any regularity.  Julius had asked and I confessed to him that Goran had spent the night previously.   It hasn’t made a difference and he is as attentive and thoughtful as ever.   My cup runneth over!