At the top

I hadn’t been able to sleep the night before.  Not helped by the midnight text messages from Ewan who was himself in a flap, mainly because he had a number of things he wanted to bring from his house before he met me at the airport.  We were going to his holiday house near Loch Bervie in north west Scotland.

We took the scenic route  stopping at Corrieshalloch Gorge and Ullapool.   When we arrived we unpacked the car and then we were out again – this time to Oldshoremore Beach.  It was a mild day and apart from two walkers, we saw no one else.  I took pictures of this and later the harbour fish market.  I had been prepared to be bowled over but nothing like this.

Ewan has a lot of knowledge about the surrounding land to share.  It was fascinating stuff and interesting .  I was also curious about his personal life and asked him about his relationships.   He was quite happy responding to my questioning and later in the evening I was myself quizzed about my sexual history.

I had too much to drink and nurse a hangover the following morning.

Left on my own whilst Ewan tinkered with his boat I listen to some radio and try to write.  But the stories I began last month refuse to take shape and I fell into a reverie, reflecting on anxiety, dating, relationships, Jan, Ramon and Michael.  What demons still lurk as a result of my marriage breakup which might still need exorcising?