These men

Back after her travels, the spring warmth greeted Amy and so did Jan, the first one to sleep over the first day she got back and they spent the following day rambling the vale and lunched at the Brew House in Kenwood.  After platonic farewell kisses she spends the weekend in the company of Michael.

Of an evening Amy continues to text chat with Ewan and Goran.  A new man, Sergei makes a date with her for Monday evening and Goran on Wednesday.   The time out has mended her broken heart and they fall into an easy, less frequent to and fro.  He tells her that he has recently fallen unsuitably in love and talked out of making a fool of himself by his wife.  The story of his complicated relationships continue and I am glad that Amy got out of that drama without too many scars.

She got in touch with Liam who arranges to meet up again the following Tuesday.  So these are some of the men in her life now.

18 May 2016

Shagged by two different and not so different Dutchmen, both married, indulging in some extramarital, one openly and the other surreptitiously.  Young men continue to write to Amy, her profile now challenges the men to step up, but no one really has.

Liam took her out for a film and dinner, they shared the bill, like the feminists they are.  He took her up to his office, on the top floor of an eleven storey building and they kiss there.  He was quite turned on, as was Amy, and even though he asked if she wanted to spend the night with him, she turned him down.  They make another date for the end of the month and I wonder what might happen.

Amy bought a ticket to go up and see Ewan in the Scottish highlands next month, on his invitation and they make plans to go rambling and possibly sailing.

What am I looking for? That is the question on everyone’s minds at the moment.  The only one who seems to have any clue is Goran’s ex girlfriend who has found someone to date who is single and looking for a serious relationship – but it is still early days even for them.

What do you think?

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