An Ozzie interlude

The water was cold even though it was about nine o’clock in the evening. There was no one else on the sand and you took my hand in yours. The anticipation troubled me greatly. I worried about your finding me lacking. I considered making excuses but your grip was firm and I meekly followed you as you led me to the water’s edge. We paused where it lapped at my toes. I heard the want that beat under my skin and all the worry and self doubt ebbed into the background as you bent your head over mine, your lips meeting my own which parted wantonly

That night we spent together was the first in nearly a year and I was reminded of his own hesitation and relative inexperience. But he is a kind and thoughtful lover who enjoyed giving pleasure and said all the right things to improve the experience for me. In the morning I was able to return the favour and we spent the next day on a coastal walk.

We shared confidences and I was aware that giving him an insight into the year before when I experimented indiscriminately with different men and even women might not incline him to think favourably of me but there’s a recklessness in my nature that cannot be suppressed. 

There are two more days to go of this interlude and we have been fairly fortunate weather wise. As for the other forecast, I am unable to hazard anything accurate. Until the next update …