The Highlander

Dear Sally

If the previous week had been quiet, last week was even more so with only one date on Tuesday.

Ewan lives in the Scottish Highlands and comes down south every so often.  When Max enquired how life after sex was going I admitted to him that I had succumbed to a few encounters with the Highlander.  I know very little about him apart from what he tells me – his separation from his wife, his aged parent, his siblings, and managing the investments of their inheritance which necessitated driving about the UK meeting these start-ups, etc..  I am not in love with him but quite enjoy our occasional dates.  When he took me out last week, we had tapas and saw a film before returning to mine for two shags.  He is very attentive in bed but I’m not sure if the relationship has any long term prospects.

I can’t help thinking back to Goran occasionally and am able finally to put things in perspective – the pull/push thing at the end that is.  It had been pull all along on his part until he said he didn’t return my feelings.  My ego was/is sufficiently fragile to baulk at this rejection.  It’s only taken so long to walk away because at some level I thought I wanted a casual relationship.  It’s only now that I realise I can expect better.

Who knows what this year will bring but I feel a sense of hope with this new resolve to be less indiscriminate and yet at the same time more aware of potential relationship gems.  To that end I started chatting to a man who is only a few months older than me with children in their mid teens.  He is a sole parent and appears fairly normal.  As I’ll be leaving for Oz next weekend, whatever might begin will have to take a slow course.

Until next time when I hope to have more to report.

Amy x


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