a quiet week and even quieter weekend


Last week Amy went out with Ramon on Wednesday evening, and Jan on Thursday.  The date with R was arranged on impulse.  He was going to go away on an epic work trip this weekend and remembered he hadn’t been in touch for ages.  She was happy to see him – they get on like a house on fire.  When he said on greeting her that he had had a very good day, much improved on seeing her (corny, but cute), she teased him that he might find simply getting out of bed was an improvement on remaining in it.   They met at a cinema, watched a film with an abrupt ending (Chronic) and went to a vegetarian Indian.  He walked her to her tube stop at the end of the evening and they kissed their goodbyes.   There was a short exchange of text messaging that was warming but the passion of yesteryear was nowhere to be felt.

Similarly with Jan, who cooked Amy dinner and then they went to a gig with his older brother in tow.  It was friendly and pleasant.  After dropping his brother off they talked into the wee hours over a few drams of Highland Park.  She showed him some pictures of where Thorinn had taken her and then he saw a photo of him.  He went quiet for a bit and  she sensed that he might have felt some discomfiture.  But it was only a fleeting moment and forgotten fairly soon after when they talked about other holiday plans.   He mentioned a motoring holiday on the 500 route in the Scottish Highlands and Amy said that would be great.  They are due to meet up just before she goes away, to another gig, this time in Oxford.  She slept over at his and drove home before the motorway got too busy.

This morning Amy received confirmation from Ewan that he was definitely going to make their date, tentatively arranged for the coming Tuesday.   He’s the only one she’s actually having sex with these days.  Having said that, it has only been twice; but Amy found herself aroused during the exchange of messages, although there was nothing risqué in the to and fro.   And she did not tell him.  He’s only seeing her and a few others because there’s no one else available.  But he is interesting and quite good in bed, and uncomplicated, perhaps because he lives about 500 miles away.

Goran said hello on whatsapp but Amy can sense herself feeling less infatuated.  All the same she immediately archived his messages when they finished their short conversation.  She is fairly certain now that by the time she returns from her holidays in May she would have been inoculated against  him, much like how she is with Michael, Pierre, and Max.

My weekend may be
lonely, but I get to choose
what I do with it


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