The Poet

It was nearer half past one when Amy sailed into the coffee bar, their appointed point of rendezvous.  He was seated by the window and after they kissed their hellos presented her with Don Paterson’s 40 sonnets.  She didn’t have the heart to tell him that she already had a copy.  He graciously got her a coffee and they spent the next hour sharing about their polyamorous experiences.  So it would seem that he never gets jealous apart from the one occasion when his long term partner was chatting to someone in his presence at their home.  He said he got over it.  She was curious to know what he would be like in bed and he took her to Mecklenburgh Square where he had booked a suite at the Goodenough Club, a little haven of luxury known only to postgrads it would seem.

It was an indulgent moment, swiftly decided on, and almost as swiftly, once the deed was done, they parted company – he had a seminar to attend out of London and she was heading to an open mic event in central London.  The next bit of the afternoon was almost surreal when Amy’s friend Douglas messaged her to say that he was chatting to her poet’s current partner and things were getting very fruity between them.  It was quite extraordinary and she almost arranged to meet up with Douglas that evening but the poet had completely exhausted her and rather regretfully, she  gave Douglas her excuses.   They arranged to meet up another evening when she might be perkier.  Sitting in the cafe part of her next venue, Amy caught the masculine whiff of the poet on her hair and clothes.  It evoked the memory of their afternoon tryst afresh and she decided to return home earlier than she had initially planned.

Liam had sent her a message, which rather surprised her since they had met up only the previous evening and he had never been one for keeping text messaging contact.  She sent him a warm greeting and he repeated again that he was looking forward to seeing her in Sydney next month.  During their date last night he had confirmed that he would set aside three days to spend with her and was keen to show her around his adopted city – he had lived there for almost eight years before he got his current position in London.  Although they only met up about once a month, they had been doing this since 2014 and become fairly good friends.  She had wondered if things might ever be anything more but Liam led the sort of existence where his work was his life and very little distracted him away from it. She had been rather envious at the pleasure he derived from this hallowed existence even though a little voice told her that he might also be missing out on everything else life might have to offer.  As was often the case the text messaging did not develop beyond making mundane arrangements as to transport and logistics of meeting up once there.

She was also meeting up with other friends and visiting other places with a few of them and did not begrudge the time they might have together.  He was quite a sweet man and they had always enjoyed their dates in London together.