cards on the table

Hot on the weekend flirtation with Ramon, Amy sent him an email to find out what the real state of affairs might be.  So much water has passed under the bridge now and they have shared more than just intimate moments that she hoped they could safely tell each other what their intentions are.

And she was both disappointed and not, as R confirms that while time is healing his broken heart over Helene he has not quite completely got over her.   And so Amy and he agreed to keep it light and she promised him that it was unlikely that she should be silly over him again – certainly it has never happened before with anyone else – having got over a broken heart, she has never fallen in love with the same person all over again.  She’s grown fond of him and can honestly say and perhaps with some relief that there’s no need to feel obliged to sleep with him.  There needn’t be a repeat of the awkwardness she’d felt at having him in bed with her on Sunday morning.  It may only have been awkward because she was uncertain what significance to attach to it and now that she has confirmation this was not going any further she is back in her comfort zone.

  • Whilst he might believe that he was moving on by obliterating the mark which reminded him of Helene with a larger and more ornate one with Japanese influences she wondered if the image of a fish replacing said aide memoir might not subconsciously be an even greater reminder – the name of that particular genus or even merely the fish that got away.  Still she did not voice her suspicions as she did not wish to plant that thought in his consciousness.