No sex, please, I’m rather tired

For the first time Goran and Amy met up and it did not lead to sex.  There was no significance in this according to him.  Quite.  They were both rather tired and he was under the weather.  Instead they sat on the sofa with their teas and chatted for a bit.  He held her close and she lay down on his lap at one stage.  Eventually she left and drove home.

Whatever it was they had with each other it was good enough for now and probably wouldn’t come to anything more.   The bedlinen remained redolent of their most recent romp and she was loathe to change it.

The following day, whilst chatting with a girlfriend who was in a relationship herself, she told Amy that they were too exhausted these days to have any and she preferred the intimate moments which didn’t actually lead to a romp – the closeness and long deep conversations meant much more, tending to lead to greater understanding of each other.

Later in the evening they were in the pub with others in the dance class they both attended when someone asked Amy how the dating was going.  She was suddenly a little self conscious and didn’t think that declaring she was polyamorous would go down well.  There had been a discussion earlier about marriage as one of the guys was newly hitched and it was the first evening he was out without his wife.  The usual ribald teasing had followed and the chap had been able to brush it all off with good humour.  Amy was conscious that she still struggled with the philosophy of polyamory.  Occasionally she was assailed by twinges of jealousy, yet at other times she was able to love selflessly and wholeheartedly.  A good deal of it demanded some level-headed common sense and the ability to be honest with oneself.


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