Trying (and failing) to say goodbye

Amy had written that poem in the wee hours of Sunday evening when Goran hadn’t replied to her text seeking confirmation of a midnight Monday tryst they had loosely arranged. Instead she exchanged emails with Max and they agreed to meet up early on Monday evening after work. She had also planned to see Liam for a film and meal date the following evening. As it was a school night she doubted that it would lead to anything bedward. Meanwhile she also continued to exchange ribald messages with JR.

Goran eventually texted her on Monday late in the afternoon with a plea that he had had a crazy evening the night before, culminating in having to deal with a sleepless son and other domestic conundra which weren’t resolved. Amy suggested that he might want to give their midnight tryst a miss but he brushed aside her demurrer and she was almost too easily won over. Quite clearly, she was still susceptible to his charms. He wanted her to pick him up from a wedding reception he was attending out in the boondocks, but they eventually decided that she might meet him at a more convenient halfway point in the metropolis. A flurry of messages followed –

Amy: btw … did you manage to find out how close to me you’ll get before you have to be rescued in the evening 😰
Goran: no, cannot really say now. We’ll have to play it by ear…
Amy: Testing the extent of my ‘love’ 😉 How far (literally) I’d go … When sex is not even guaranteed – as you’ll probably be 1. Exhausted 2. Inebriated 3. Sleepy 😘
Goran: it’ll be interesting then… 😉
Amy: Do you think you might have to crash out in the gutter somewhere in central London?
Goran: Now that would be an interesting experience… 😃
Amy: Sleeping in the gutter – abandoned by your ‘lover’?
Goran: down and out in London town
Amy: Well let me know how close you are and I’ll see what I might do.

So at the end of Amy’s date with Max (they had gone for a spicy Thai dinner followed by a comedy gig in The Good Ship) she made her way home and washed off the smells of stir fry and pub detritus and waited for Goran. He decided at the last minute that he might after all leave the nuptial celebrations sufficiently early so as to catch the tube before it stopped running. It was just a little past midnight when the hirsute paramour in his suited get up arrived at the door. The dog was slipping as he slept through G’s entry. But in the kitchen just as things were getting a little fruity, the neighbourhood was treated to his canine howls of jealousy. The passionate pair decided at that stage that they should continue upstairs. Amy felt that it would be difficult to give Goran up as he was quite an astute and felicitous lover. The sexual chemistry between them had always been on point … and rather made congress with anyone else pale into insignificance. She said as much but added that it may be timely for them to trial a separation so as to prevent heartache on her part. He did not appear overly keen at the prospect of being sidelined.

That in itself would be an interesting experiment – from experience Amy can conclude that her exes tended to lose sexual favour after a self imposed fallow period – Michael, Pierre, and more recently Ramon and Max. Whilst she might occasionally indulge Jan and Liam (separately) in her bed she found herself to have been quite completely cured of her earlier infatuation over them. It was also in Goran’s interest that Amy did not get too fixated with him as she often reminded him that she wanted his marriage to be a success.

Goran suggested that it may be enough time for them to be apart over the New Year when he was going abroad with his family for two weeks, especially as Amy also wanted them to stop all digital contact over that period. Happy to leave things at that, they both fell asleep after two in the morning and their date ended after parting in the underground to go their separate ways.


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