What’s love got to do with this?

It’s an adult affair and she may be a little silly, having her head turned because the sex is sublime; he is clear, however, that he does not feel the same, does not reciprocate her love.  Rebuffed, she re-considers her position and suggests that they might stop seeing each other at some point next year.  After all, he will most probably move abroad at some stage when his wife has found a job and settled down in another European city.

She found it difficult to define this “love” – it’s wanting a positive outcome for the person concerned.  

Well, if that’s the case then I probably “love” lots of people – was his rejoinder.

Hmm, so there must be more to it, she conceded, but was unable to be more precise.  So they left it at that and continued their morning routine – ablutions, coffee and a light breakfast.  When they kissed their goodbyes, she was preoccupied throughout her working day, trying to define the nature of her feelings for this man.  Wary of being hurt after so many unrequited feelings and suffering so many heartbreaks, she had deliberately chosen to involve herself with men who were unavailable.   That she might so cooly have suggested this morning that he looked for another woman next year, she knew that she could only do so because she had somebody else who held her in affectionate esteem – Jan, the first one who caught her eye last year on the first dating website she’d joined when her affair with Pierre had ended.


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