It’s a blog not a book

When I ended the blog on the other side I realised that it might never see life as a book after all.  There are a number of reasons for this – I’m not in the publishing world, I don’t know anyone in it and I can’t see myself in the public eye promoting it at all. It has many risqué posts and I squirm a little to think that anyone who actually knows me in real life might read it at all.

And the same goes for here I suppose.  No one, absolutely no one in real life can make a connection to me here. I take comfort from anonymity and feel a certain freedom in the ability to air my thoughts.

The dating blog on the other side began its life as a love letter to Jan and I suppose it might have achieved its purpose. Although he withdrew from me initially, many times, he has returned for more.   We now date non-exclusively and I feel less rudderless.

The other day Max and I met up and I can honestly say I don’t feel any physical attraction towards him anymore. It’s a relief to me. He told me about his dating disasters and although we are both fairly similar in how we approach relationships I am glad that I have got over him.


What do you think?

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