another one

I never heed any of that nonsense about not giving the goods away too soon and so  after the dinner date on Monday evening with new man we came back to my place and had a lot of romp until about midnight.  This is another assignation I’ll keep close to my chest for now.

He sent me a few messages in the morning to try and make another date for us to meet up again before my travels but alas I had made other arrangements to see Jan in preparation.  Talking some more to my therapist friend Sebastien as to why I sleep with these different men gave me even further insight into Goran’s possible motivation for attempting not to have sex with me on Sunday.  It could be because he was hoping to end our relationship or take it to a platonic level.  I think this seems to be his comfort zone – it’s what happened to his relationship with his ex girlfriend after all.   And in a bid for self-protection I have lined up further potential partners in the event that this was his intention.

Why second-guess?  My own insecurities are writ large over all this conjecturing and sifting over with S.