Tales around the Fire

I went over to Goran’s late on Sunday evening and we sat around a fire he’d built in his garden.  It was really late but he needed some distraction from his anxiety over returning to work the next day.  So we talked about our day, in his case all the baklava baking tutorials there were online (!) and in my case beekeeping stuff.  We finished the rest of the ice cream with the baklava and it seemed as though we weren’t going to get naked.  He’d said he didn’t want to have sex even though he’d invited me round.

I didn’t take him seriously and when we went inside I suggested sitting on the more comfortable sofa.  So of course we kissed and more and later he said he really had wanted to see if we could’ve just spent an evening together without having sex – looked like we weren’t capable of that!  I was unable to understand why he would put us through that when the sex is always pretty amazing.  What was he trying to prove? and Why?

He didn’t really give me a satisfactory answer.  Or perhaps I just couldn’t hear it.

What do you think?

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