Is this cheating?

Last night I had a secret assignation at a little past 11pm for a purely sexual encounter. He was already waiting for me outside the tube station and for Dutch courage I suggested we had a drink first. So we went into the Dignity – a local pub. We chatted and bantered over silly things and as we were walking back he kissed me and made it clear he desired my body. To my shame I couldn’t remember his name and it wasn’t until this morning, well after he’d left that I checked our text messages and found out what he was called.  We had been exchanging messages on the online dating website over the last couple of weeks and yesterday morning it had culminated with an invitation from him to meet up.  I’d had a prior dinner engagement and he had suggested meeting me after that ended.

He was 42 and incredibly fit for someone his age. I was never more conscious of the contrast we made, I with my soft feminine roundness and he of a taut and firm body. I doubt there was an ounce of fat on him – at one stage I could admire the narrowness of his hips, lying beneath him as he pleasured me with rhythmical vigour. Certainly, apart from his very short head of hair, he was fairly smooth-bodied as he’d shaved nearly all the hair off the rest of his body.  He said a few times that he enjoyed the taste of me and we certainly did a lot of kissing and tasting of each other.   Neither of us had much sleep all night and after the final romp he looked at his phone,  claimed to have had to go in to work, and left me at about six in the morning.

The sex had been physically satisfying but I was conscious of the fact that it lacked a certain something – perhaps intimacy, the kind which grows from forming a bond with someone, like it had over the last few months with Goran.  Am I cheating on him?  I don’t intend to tell him that I’d had sex with Wonderboy.  As far as he knows about last night, I had a dinner date with my therapist friend (which I did – Sebastien took me to Fishworks on Swallow Street earlier in the evening) and that was it. There’s no need to complicate things with Goran or Jan for that matter. I doubt very much in any case that Wonderboy will get in touch with me again – the swiftness of his departure in the morning had made that clear. We made no promises to repeat last night’s adventure and he let himself out of the house.

Although Goran had said he never got jealous, he had been hinting that he was jealous of some aspects of my life, e.g. the close bond I have with my children, the fun we have at family get-togethers and even of my upcoming holiday with Jan.  I feel that it would only be kinder not to tell him about last night’s encounter.   Our relationship began with the simple premise that he was in an open marriage and I was polyamorous, even though lately the number of partners I have has dwindled. Moreover, talking about him with Sebastien has clarified our relationship somewhat – S had made observations about Goran which confirms to me his need to remain married to his wife who allows him to exhibit aspects of human behaviour he had grown up to be unfamiliar with – violent emotions of jealousy, anger and general non-conformity.  And so I am merely someone who assuages his need for attention while his wife is distracted by her lover/boyfriend.

He is interested in me – there’s no doubt about this – but it is a limited interest as he would be prepared to part with me if he had to move abroad.  So I don’t feel as though I’m cheating on him by my actions.  All the same I harbour  a slight perturbation as to how this relationship will play out.

What do you think?

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