The dance has begun

A little background – My lover had had some time off work for a minor injury requiring stitches on his shin. We had made a date for the following day, something we were both looking forward to, or so I had believed.

At midday.

Bad news, my leg is inflamed and sore.
I cancelled the Thames foreshore ramble.

oh dear, have you been overdoing it?

Might have to see the gp tomorrow

Should we postpone our date altogether?

Let’s see what the doctor says in the morning

Sure and wish you better xx
btw shall I tell the new guy chatting me up
he might get the chance after all
to meet me tomorrow?

Well of course if you have a choice
between an able-bodied stud and a limping invalid …
who can blame you?

Yeah I don’t do feeble well at all, as you know …

At 3pm

Are you really chatting some bloke up or just pulling my leg?

I’m chatting no one up but there is someone
who seems quite well read and quoting poetry to me…
I think I’m a little in love … er I mean impressed.

Well someone once said “she that with poetry is won,
is but a desk to write upon”*

Ah but wouldn’t you love to write at that desk?
I know you quite like putting your pen to paper there

I do have a fountain pen

And your ink of choice?

White on pink paper


Good news. I took off the bandage and it looks fine now
maybe it was just too tight

Who’s playing Florrie Nightingale tonight?

No one. I’ve been resting my leg
Wound does not look inflamed.

Oh is our date still on then?
Shall I tell the poet he’ll have to wait?

Yes tell him to get in line!

*Samuel Butler