a weekend without him

The man I’m regularly sleeping with is in an open marriage.  He told me that he never gets jealous and believes in being honest and upfront.  We’ve been seeing each other now for about three months and there have been thirteen dates.  The first one was just to have lunch and say hello.  There would have been a second to ease ourselves into a physical relationship because we were clear that this was going to be an adult liaison.  But he had to cancel and at the time I thought that he was just too flaky to rely on.  So I suggested that if he were serious about it he should book a hotel room and take it from there.

I didn’t really believe that he would actually do it. But he had booked us into quite a sweet little boutique hotel in the city and we spent a very enjoyable evening together exploring more than just the sights.  At first it was only a light flirtation as I had been a little enamoured over someone else who didn’t work out in the end until eventually Goran was the only one left standing.

I gave up most of my previous lovers for the other guy but somehow couldn’t turn the married one down.  Looking back at all the messages he’d sent me I realised there’d been at least one everyday since he made contact towards the end of March this year!  That in itself is remarkable as I hadn’t given him much thought then.

He gradually grew on me and to date I’ve written two poems about him.  The first was a little tongue in cheek as a birthday prezzie and the second was after our most recent date.  This weekend he’s going away with his family and I’m conscious that I might miss him.  It’s not the first time he’s been away since we’ve been seeing each other; there had been at least two other occasions.

His wife is a jealous type even though according to him she was the one who initiated the idea of an open marriage, being in a long term relationship with her own lover outside their marriage.  Still, a few times she’d rung him when we were on a date but it didn’t bother me.  I’m a bit of a commitment phobe and it suits me that he won’t leave his wife.

These days I often wonder what I am to him.

What do you think?

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