overtures of friendship

hey you.  fancy another movie and dinner date?

Hiya, yes I do.  When’s good for you?

The last movie and dinner date had ended with a bear hug and kiss on my left cheek goodbye.  I went home happy that the date with Ramon had been such a platonic success.  A couple of days later he sent me a message indicating that I had completely barked up the wrong tree:-

I have a confession to make…
You looked quite scrumptious the other evening

And I had to come home and spend some time looking at my photos of you

The photos he was referring to harked back to our days of passionate abandon when I had been giddy from all the attention he had been lavishing on me.   Our time together had been punctuated with misunderstandings and misreadings of intentions.  Eventually I’d fled feeling enormous embarrassment.  On my birthday he’d sent me a wish and about three months after that I suggested meeting up for a catch up.  A few months after that we caught up and then we had a repeat date – which had ended with the chaste hug..

Like a moth to a flame I dance back to Ramon even though I have an inkling that we’ll make the same mistake all over again.

What do you think?

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